The Recessed & Reusable Curb Inlet Filter

Innovation Meets Inlet Protection

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What is a GeoCurve?

The GeoCurve Stormwater Curb Inlet Filter prevents sediment and debris from entering the storm sewer system, while complying to stormwater management requirements (SWPPP). The GeoCurve's compression fit technology allows the product to fit snug within the mouth of the inlet, hidden from oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

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Key Features

GeoCurve is Part of a Successful
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Compression Fit Technology

stormwater curb filter
  • Shape provides for sediment capture
  • Out-of-site sediment/debris capture
  • No street exposure
  • No sand bags required

Overflow Feature for Heavy Storms

curb filter for construction debris
  • Hydraulically tested to minimize street flooding
  • Encourages flow into the inlet
  • Efficiently filters stormwater

Effortless Installation & Maintenance

curb filter for construction debris
  • Conforms to the inlet's throat with ease during installation
  • Handles allow for a simple removal during maintenance
  • Easy to modify on-site

Additional treatment options are available
to treat hydrocarbons, provide additional
sediment capture performance & more!